Best Bars for Cocktails in the Bahamas

Whether you've booked a vacation in the Bahamas, Bahamas tours or you're just stopping through as a port of call on your cruise vacation, knowing where to get both good and cheap drinks is essential throughout your visit. It's no secret that both beer and cocktails can be expensive on the island, but when looking for things to do in Bahamas, the right locations can guarantee a deal, or at least provide the atmosphere to merit the higher price tag.

The Dune Bar

If you're a fan of the James Bond movies, The Dune Bar on Paradise Island not only makes an incredible cocktail, but also happens to be where several famous shots from Casino Royale were filmed. While the drinks can be on the pricey side, you get what you pay for, especially if you enjoy French-Asian cuisine and fresh seafood. The Dune Bar is also well known for celebrity sightings.

Ibiza Bahama

One of the newest bars on Nassau, Ibiza Bahama is advertised as the "Ultimate Beach Club Experience". Modeled after the high-energy electronic music parties popular on Ibiza in Eastern Spain, this beach night club is the location to go if you enjoy your cocktails with a good dose of party, crazy light shows and music spun by well known DJs.

Atlantis Resort

It's hard to miss the Atlantis Resort, whether you're staying at the resort or simply visiting the area. However, what really can't be missed are the craft cocktails and high-end drinks made throughout the property. While you can enjoy a drink in the more casual atmosphere of one of the Atlantis beach bars like Bimini Road, if you're going to spend the money to drink at the Atlantis, you might as well try one of the Bobby Flay inspired cocktails at the Mesa Grill, a drink at the marine jellyfish inspired Moon Club or a fruit-infused beverage from the Sea Glass.

Green Parrot Bar

The Green Parrot Bar has four locations for cocktails in the Bahamas, the East Bay, Harbour Front, Hurricane Hole and The Pub. With happy hour deals every Friday and various drink specials throughout the week, the Green Parrot is a great place for more budget-conscious travelers to hit when looking for good drinks, decent bar food and a good view.

Sharkeez Tiki Bar

Another cocktail option for the budget conscious when in the Bahamas is Sharkeez Tiki Bar. This is especially convenient for cruise ship passengers docked on the island, and often offers drinks at a lower price than you can get on the ship.

Regardless of where you choose to go for cocktails, try out local brands to both save money and experience something new. Rum in particular is popular on the island, including local brands like Ron Ricardo, which can save you significant money over drinks made from imported liquors. Various places may offer happy hours as well, so keep your eyes open for happy hour times and menus for drink specials when looking for things to do in Bahamas.

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