Dolphin Tours in the Bahamas

One of the most popular tours that visitors to the Bahamas like to experience are the unforgettable Bahamas dolphin tours and encounters that bring nature lovers right up close and in the water with some of the ocean's most beloved and sociable creatures, the bottlenose dolphins. If you have ever dreamed of seeing these creatures in person right in front of you, swimming in the same water as you and impressing you with their astounding ability to learn tricks and commands, then the Bahamas (in both Freeport and Nassau Bahamas) is the ideal place make these dreams come true. The two most popular spots in the Bahamas Freeport and Nassau both have fantastic dolphin tours split into two types: dolphin encounters and dolphin swims.

Dolphin Encounters

The Bahamas dolphin encounters are an excellent way to introduce you and your family to the world of the Bahamas Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin. These trips take you out to a dolphin training and research center just a few miles from the main docks in both Freeport and Nassau Bahamas. With the dolphin encounter, you will be able to interact with one of the expertly trained Bahamas dolphins in a waist-deep tank. You will be able to feel the smooth skin of these marine mammals, watch them perform various tricks and even experience the dolphin kiss.

Dolphin Swims

The Bahamas dolphin swims take the dolphin encounter to a whole new level of dolphin engagement. With the dolphin swims, you will actually be in the tank with the marine mammals and literally swimming with them. These are the most interactive and engaging of any Bahamas dolphin tours. Not only will you learn all about these dolphins and about how to train them and what commands you can use on them, you will also be able to experience the unparalleled dolphin "foot push" where you will glide through the water as the expertly trained Bahamas dolphin pushes you along. While the dolphin encounters certainly give you an excellent feel for the world of the Bahamas bottlenose dolphins, the dolphin swims fully immerse you in their world.

Bahamas Bottlenose Dolphins

The type of dolphins that you will come face to face with on your Bahamas dolphin swims and encounters is the bottlenose dolphin, the most common species of dolphin in the world, found in tropical waters all around the globe. These dolphins are known for their high level of intelligence and their social nature. Typically, bottlenose dolphins travel in groups of approximately 15 dolphins. These groups are called pods, but it is not uncommon for bottlenose dolphins to travel completely solo or in groups (pods) of up to over one hundred dolphins. They communicate with each other using sounds such as squeaks or whistles. They are one of the ocean's most human-friendly animals thanks to their high intelligence levels that have been proved in many studies. This is also why it is so easy and rewarding to train these creatures.

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