Lucayan National Park and Cave Tour
Lucayan National Park and Cave Tour
Lucayan National Park and Cave Tour
Lucayan National Park and Cave Tour

Lucayan National Park and Cave Tour

Discover the spectacular pristine splendor of the natural environment on Grand Bahama Island. Our knowledgeable island guides will lead you into the gorgeous 42-acre Lucayan National Park for an amazing half day tour.

This spectacular wildlife preserve, established by the Bahamas National Trust over 25 years ago, offers visitors the opportunity to experience the undeveloped beauty of this tropical paradise. As you trek into this primeval forest, you will walk in the footsteps of the ancient Arawak Indians, also known as the Lucayans, who once made Grand Bahama their home before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Descend into the mysterious caves, where archaeologists have discovered -- among the many stalagmites-- Lucayan artifacts, including the remnants of archaic burial rituals. The caverns constitute one of the lengthiest, and environmentally distinct, underwater cave systems in the world. The vast tunnel system was spawned by the seepage of acidified rainwater into the limestone bedrock of the island over the span of eons. Our experienced guides will lead you to view a garden of native flora, including mangroves, ferns and innumerable exotic flowers such as wild orchids. A symphony of tropical bird songs awaits you in the primordial landscape. The six distinct ecosystems found on the island are represented in the park, including the coastal habitat of Gold Rock Beach. Relax and sunbathe on the sugary sands of this remote seaside oasis.

Venture into an unimaginable world of natural wonder while our expert guides regale you with tales of ancient cultures, maritime explorers, and rogue buccaneers. With an introduction to 500 years of Caribbean lore, this tour is an essential adventure for visitors of all ages.

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  • Must be able to walk without assistance